Q: What is Quik Pik?

A: Shaker’s Quik Pik is a system that allows you to place an order through our website or mobile apps and receive your groceries through either Curbside Pickup or Home Delivery. Use your computer, tablet, or phone to navigate to our website or app. Find the products you would like to get and place them in your basket. When you have everything in your basket, you can select a date and time (up to 7 days in advance) when you would like to pick up your order or have it delivered. Our expert Personal Shoppers will take your shopping list and pick up everything you order.


Q: I’m rather particular about my groceries – especially produce and meats. What if I don’t like what I get?

A: We understand! We’re picky about our food too. For each item in your basket there is an option to add a special request for that item. For produce and meats, we have the employees of those departments pick out your products. Wherever possible, they will pull your order from the back coolers so it will be the absolute freshest product we have. And who better to choose your meat than the butcher who cuts it? In the unlikely event that you are not happy with what you receive, just let us know and we will make it right!


Q: Do you deliver to my house?

A:  Our delivery area can be viewed on this map.  Are you out of our delivery area?  You can let us know that you are interested in this service by filling out our contact form.


Q: How do I start shopping with Quik Pik?

A: Visit www.shakersmarketplace.com and click on “Create an Account” near the top-right corner. Once you’ve created your account, just use the “Weekly Ad” and “Shop” links on our website to browse for your items. To add an item to your cart, just click the “+” sign next to the item.


Q: What fees are associated with Quik Pik Curbside?

A:  None!  For a limited time, we are discounting the pickup fee, so you won’t pay anything extra for it!   All of the items that you purchase will be the same price that you would pay in the store if you visited on the day you pick up your order. There is a $30.00 minimum order.


Q: What fees are associated with Quik Pik Delivery?

A:  There is a $14.95 fee for delivery service.   All of the items that you purchase will be the same price that you would pay in the store if you visited on the day you pick up your order. There is a $30.00 minimum order.


Q: What are my payment options?

A: You can pay for your order with a credit or debit card online. For safety and security reasons, we cannot accept payment at the time of pickup.


Q: What is the provisional charge?

A: We will temporarily authorize your card for the estimated sale total, plus $5 or 10% of the order total (whichever is higher). This is to account for any charges above the item total – like sales tax or bottle deposits, as well as differences due to weighed products. As soon as your order is complete we will charge your card for the actual amount of your final order.


Q: Why does it say “Estimated Total”?  What does that mean?

A:  The website cannot give you a guaranteed total because the price of weighed items may differ and some items may be out of stock.  For weighed items, the system estimates the price based on the average weight of the product or by using the weight that you request.


Q: What if you are out of an item that I order?

A: When you check out on the website, there is a drop-down box for each item that allows you to choose how you would like us to handle substitutions. You can choose this on a per-item basis. If you make a selection there, we will honor your request. If you do not make a selection, we will substitute a product of equal or greater quality and value – but you won’t pay more than the price of the original item. If we do not find a substitute that we feel would be acceptable, we will simply leave the item off. In any case, we will notify you of any difference in your order!


Q: Will I get the same sale prices as in the store?

A: You will receive all sale prices that are in effect on the day you pick up your order or we deliver it.  If you pick up your order the same day you place the order, then yes, you will always receive the sale prices shown on the website.  However, if you place an order to be picked up at a later date – and our ad changes by that date – then you will be charged the same prices that you would if you shopped the order yourself on that date.


Q: Will I always be charged the same price that I would in the store?

A: Yes!  Our website’s prices are updated nightly, so the prices will be the same online as in the store.