Narragansett Beer 6 ea

Made on honor. A Rhode Island tradition since 1890. Stout with coffee added. Sold on merit. Flavored stout. Hi-Neighbor! When Autocrat was started in 1895, founder Frank O. Field was drawn to the word Autocrat, one who rules with undisputed sway. It was then that their most delicious flagship product, Autocrat Coffee, got Its name. Throughout the 1900s, 'Gansett and Autocrat were the beverages of choice In New England. We present here our collaborative Coffee Milk Stout, a flavorful and smooth dark ale that pays homage to our shared heritage, while celebrating the art of craft brewing. A swallow will tell you! Recyclable aluminum. Write or visit us at 60 Ship Street Providence, RI 02903. Union made. Alc. 5.3% by vol.