Great Lakes Brewing Co 6 Pack Lemony & Bright Lemon Hefeweizen Beer 6 ea

Fresh and zestful as boardwalk lemonade, with a clean, effervescent body that travels light. Sometimes you've just gotta embrace your inner tourist. We gave our traditionally brewed Hefeweizen a change of scenery by adding a playful splash of real lemon puree that recalls that fresh-squeezed, souvenir lemonade cup feeling. And we transported our whimsical lederhosen-clad mascot from his original Alpine perch to a coastal beach locale (with some rad polarized shades!) We hope his chill vibes inspire you to treat yourself to a refreshing escape of your own. Great Lakes Brewing Co. is an environmentally and socially conscious brewery from Cleveland, Ohio. Visit our historic brewpub and see for yourself! Certified Independent Craft Brewers Association. Learn more about our beer at Please recycle. It's kind of our thing. 25 5.1 alc/vol. 10.2