Dannon Light & Fit Greek Nonfat Yogurt Peach - 4 CT

Dannon® Light & Fit® Peach Greek Nonfat Yogurt. Naturally & artificially flavored. 80 calories*. 12g protein*. *Per 5.3 oz. Grade A. 40% fewer calories than regular lowfat yogurt. Mix it up! With room to add your own toppings. Traditional Greek nonfat yogurt with 80 calories per 5.3 oz. Discover additional delicious flavors at lightandfit.com. Raspberry chocolate. Naturally & artificially flavored. Blackberry. Naturally & artificially flavored. Vanilla. Naturally & artificially flavored. Key lime. Naturally & artificially flavored. Certified GF Gluten-Free®. Contains active yogurt cultures. Dannon Light & Fit® greek: 80 calories, 0g fat; regular lowfat yogurt: 140 calories, 1.5g fat per 5.3 oz. Danone. A product of The Danone Group. Live & Active Cultures™. *Meets national yogurt association criteria for live and active culture yogurt. Proud sponsor of together we can Stop Diabetes®. American Diabetes Association®. Questions or comments Call toll free 1-877-326-6668 or visit our website at www.lightnfit.com. ©2014 The Dannon Company, Inc.