Sauders Eggs 1 ea

Quality Eggs: See the farm where these eggs were produced! Enter the code from the end at this package at One dozen grade A cage-free eggs. Vegetarian diet. Free of antibiotics and pesticides. Direct from Amish Country: Lancaster County, PA & Holmes County, OH. USDA organic. From hens who enjoy the outdoors! Certified Organic by: Pennsylvania Certified Organic. This package contains recycled PET and is recyclable. Gathered Straight from the Nest: Sauder's Organic Eggs are produced by hens that receive a special diet and special treatment: they eat only pesticide-free organic feeds from the day of their birth; they receive no drugs; they are free to roam throughout their hen house and have access to the outside; to take advantage of natural behavior of the chicken including dust bathing and pecking in the grass. Their eggs are gathered straight from the nest, placed in a cooler, and then processed. Our automated candler uses ultrasound and a series of sensors to give 24 separate quality checks to every Sauder's Organic Egg. For more information on Sauder's and delicious egg recipes, visit our web site at You have my personal guarantee. If you are ever dissatisfied, send the carton label, date, and proof of purchase to me. - Paul Sauder. Sauder's Quality Eggs, Box 427, Lititz, PA 17543-0427. For Additional Nutrition Information: Egg nutrition Center, 1050 17th St., Suite 560 Washington, DC 20036.