Four Corners El Super Bee Saison/Farmhouse Ales Craft Beer

Four Corners El Super Bee Saison Farmhouse Ale Craft Beer delivers a high-flying smack of citrus and smooth honey flavors. Brewed in Dallas with the same pale and Munich malt bill as Four Corners Local Buzz, this beer 4 pack features twice the amount of honey as its less exotic hermano. An extra dose of fermentable sugar paired with bright French saison yeast gives this craft brew a slightly sweeter taste at just 23 International Bitterness Units. This brewing process cranks out a Saison beer with zesty citrus notes and a dry, champagne-like finish. A crowd favorite, this Texas beer has been known to convert many white wine and cider drinkers to the beer side of the aisle. Brew great beer. Elevate beer culture. Drink Responsibly. Four Corners® Brewing Co., Dallas, TX