Great Lakes Brewing Co 15 Pack Lo-Cal Citrus Wheat Ale Crushworthy Beer 15 ea

4.0% alc/vol. Get smitten with a totally crushable Lo-Cal Wheat Ale, gushing with dreamy doses of real citrus. 105 calories. More citrus flavor to crush. Brewing delicious beer is a labor of love, and when it came to crafting a Lo-Cal Citrus Wheat that's as flavorful as it is light, our brewers were not afraid of commitment. Tinkering with a variety of hops, grains, citrus peels, and purées, they piloted multiple test batches before finding that perfect profile. The result features a refreshing mix of real orange peel and purée for a juicy sweetness that complements Crushworthy's soft hop aromas. They totally crushed it. Great Lakes Brewing Co. is an environmentally and socially conscious brewery from Cleveland, Ohio. Visit our historic brewpub and see for yourself! Recommended glassware. Certified Independent Craft Brewers Association. Learn more about our beer at Please recycle. It's kind of our thing. 8